Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Actual Terms of Privacy (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”) are an integral part of the Public Offer for the provision of services (hereinafter referred to as the “Public Offer”). The terms and concepts used in these Rules are similar to the terms and concepts used in the main text of the Public Offer. Using the Resource, as well as Services provided by the Company, the Visitor and / or the User agrees with these Terms. If the Visitor and / or the User refuses to comply with these Rules, they must stop using the Resource.

The Rules apply to any Services offered by the Company through the domain.


The concept of confidential information

Confidential means all identifying information received by the Company from the Visitor and / or the User during their stay on the Company’s websites, and / or using the Services provided by the Company. This information, if necessary, can be used for contacts with the User and / or the Visitor, both online and in other ways. Personal data is a part of confidential information provided by the User and / or the Visitor exclusively on a voluntary basis and with their consent. To access the Company’s resource, confidential information is not required, but in this case, some of the Services’ sections may not be available.

Composition of confidential information:

  1. Personal information.
  2. Cookies.
  3. Logs of servers.

Composition of personal data:

  1. Surname, first name, patronymic.
  2. Date of birth, sex, place of residence.
  3. Email address.
  4. Series and number of the passport, and its scanned copy.
  5. Coordinates that determine the location of the mobile device on which the application is installed to access the Service.
  6. Mobile phone number.
  7. User photo
  8. User’s Accounts in social networks.

Purpose of collecting confidential information:

  1. Registration of Users.
  2. Ensuring the functioning of the Services, the Resource and the provision of Services by the Company.
  3. Conducting marketing research and collecting statistics.
  4. Improvement of Services of the Company.
  5. Ability to make changes to the user account in case of unforeseen situations (for example, password recovery in case of theft).

Use of Personal Information

The Company undertakes not to promote the distribution of personal data of Users and not to transmit this information to third parties, with the exception of the following cases:

  1. The user voluntarily and explicitly wished to disclose this information;
  2. Personal data must be distributed in accordance with the laws of Israel.
  3. The User committed a violation of the Public Offer;
  4. With the prior consent of the User, clearly expressed through the Services of the resource.

The company can conduct statistical, demographic and marketing research using confidential information. The results of these studies are not confidential information. In any case, the Company guarantees that the results of the research will be used without any connection with the personal information provided by the User and will not allow the identification of a specific User. The User expresses their consent to receive personal messages from the Administration to an email address at any time and any nature, including advertising.


Placement by the User of information about themselves when using the Resource

At their own request, the User may provide third parties with any information about themselves during the use of the Resource. This information is regarded as generally available, and, therefore, the Company does not bear any responsibility for the consequences of such actions of the User. The User guarantees that the information provided to third parties and the Company cannot:

  1. be false, inaccurate or misleading;
  2. promote fraud, deception or abuse of trust;
  3. violate or encroach on the property of a third party, their commercial secret or right to privacy;
  4. call for the commission of a crime, as well as incite interethnic strife;
  5. contain information that offends someone’s honour, dignity or business reputation, slander or threats to anyone;
  6. be indecent, pornographic or erotic;
  7. only the real photo of the user can serve as a profile photo. It is forbidden to use pictures and photos of other people as a profile photo. The person in the profile photo should be clearly visible and take at least 50% of the photo;
  8. contain computer viruses, as well as other computer programs aimed in particular at causing harm, unauthorized intrusion, covert interception or data assignment;
  9. contain materials of an advertising nature with the exception of the profile description;
  10. in any other way violate the laws of Israel.


Collection and storage of confidential information

The Company collects, stores and uses confidential information in strict compliance with these Rules. The Company takes all necessary measures to properly store and use the information received. The collection of confidential information occurs automatically when the Resource is visited and the Company’s Services are used, as well as when the User and / or the Visitor fills in the requested forms.

The Company does everything possible to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to confidential information, as well as the risk of its improper use, but does not bear any responsibility in case of access to confidential information by third parties. In case of disputes arising from the use of the Company’s resource and / or Services, as well as in other cases provided for in the Public Offer for the use of the resource “” or the applicable laws of Israel, the User and / or the Visitor undertakes to provide the Company with personal data on its Request, including in written form. The Company reserves the right to store all confidential information relating to the User within 5 years after the User’s refusal to use the resource “”, including personal data being changeable and changed.