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Public Offer

Public Offer (Agreement) For the Provision of Services


    1. The terms used in the Public Offer


    2. General Provisions


This Public Offer regulates the procedure for the provision of services by the Company on the Site and the procedure for using the Site, as well as the relationships arising from the use of the Site and the Services by Visitors. The Company does not guarantee the availability of the Site and Services 24 hours a day. The Company has the right to refuse at any time to any Visitor, including the User, in using the Site and the Services in violation of the Public Offer. The Company provides Visitors, Users with a personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the Site and the software provided on the Site in accordance with this Public Offer, if neither the Visitor / User nor any other persons will not, with the assistance of the Visitor / User:


Visitor / User is responsible for observing the rights (tangible and intangible) of third parties to the information transferred (provided) to the Administration or to third parties when using the Site and Services. Users independently evaluate the legitimacy of their use of the Site and the Services, including from the point of view of the current legislation of Israel.

In addition to this Public Offer, the procedure for providing services on the Site is determined by the following documents:


     3. User Registration

A person wishing to become a User is required to pass the registration procedure on the corresponding Resource page. At registration, the User specifies a unique Login, and Password is provided automatically. Must not use the Login:

a) already used by another Customer / Contractor;

b) insulting Visitors, Company, Administration, or third parties.

User receives a password generated automatically by the software of the Site, then by the User the Password may be changed to another one at their discretion, however, the Company strongly recommends using passwords that consist of at least 6 (six) characters and include both lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as digits. The User is solely responsible for the security of the Password from third parties. The Company is not liable in case of violation of User’s rights by third parties who have obtained unauthorized access to the Login and Password of the Customer / Contractor.


     4. Contractors’ Verification

After completing the registration procedure on the Site, the Contractor can undergo a verification procedure by providing the Company with personal data, and confirming them. To pass the verification procedure, the Contractor must have a passport or ID and provide the Service with a copy of the document and a photo with it.

Scans of a copy of the document can be provided only to the Israeli police, or by a decision of the Israeli court upon request. Use of certain Services and Services of the Company is possible only after verification.

The status of a verified User can be withdrawn from the User at any time at the discretion of the Administration without explanation.


    5. Rights and obligations of Users and Visitors


Any Resource Visitor has the right to use the following Services:

  1. access to any materials available for viewing posted by Users in accordance with this Public Offer;
  2. other services, access to which is provided by the Company in the person of the Administration.


The user additionally has the right to:

  1. create tasks and select the Contractor of the Task;
  2. send complaints to the Administration on the facts of violation of the Public Offer by Users;
  3. use other services, access to which is provided by the Company in the person of the Administration.


The Contractor additionally has the right to:

  1. carry out tasks of all kinds;
  2. use other services, access to which is provided by the Company in the person of the Administration.


    6. Responsibility of Users and Visitors

Visitors themselves are responsible for their actions / omissions when using the Resource and Services in accordance with the laws of Israel. Visitors guarantee that the use of the Resource and Services will be carried out in a manner that does not violate the rights of third parties. Visitors guarantee that they have all the rights to use the materials posted on the Site. Visitors undertake to comply with this Public Offer. If the Visitors violate the Public Offer, the Administration reserves the right to temporarily restrict the Visitors’ access to the Site and the Services (temporary ban), and in the event of a serious and / or repeated violation of the Public Offer, deny any access to the Services and the Site (permanent ban).


7. Rules for the placement and execution of tasks

Users can post tasks on the Site. It is prohibited to place Tasks which purpose is:

  1. attraction of Users to third-party resources, sites, or registration of users on such resources, sites;
  2. advertising of their services and goods, or services and goods owned by third parties;
  3. cheating or changing the statistics of sites, the number of subscribers in social networks;
  4. ordering of automatic or manual dispatch of invitations and messages to users of social networks, mail out.


Using the Resource for Placement and Execution of the Task is carried out on a free basis for individuals. Contractors independently search for new Tasks and post their Proposals for published Tasks. The Customer carries out the selection of the Contractor within the timeframe determined at the time of creation of the Task. After selecting the Contractor, the Service provides the Customer and the Contractor with contact information of each other, namely telephone numbers and electronic addresses specified by the Users upon registration.

From the moment of choosing the Contractor, the Customer and the Contractor are considered to have concluded a Service / Work contract with each other.

Changes in the terms of the Task by the Customer are possible only before the publication of the first Offer. On the fact of fulfilling their obligations under the concluded Agreement, the Customer is obliged to confirm the fact of providing services / works under the concluded Agreement.

Contractors (private ones) are prohibited from delegating the fulfilment of the Tasks to third parties, including their spouses, children, relatives and friends.


    8. The Service of Public Messages

The User is given access to the Service of Public Messages (comments). The Service of Public Messages means the possibility of placing by the User on the pages of the Site messages that become available for viewing by all Users who visit the corresponding page of the Site. It is prohibited to place public messages:

  1. violating the current legislation of Israel, the norms of international law;
  2. containing advertising information, spam, schemes of financial ‘pyramids’;
  3. being illegal, harmful, threatening, insulting to morality, defamatory, violating copyrights or other intellectual property rights of third parties, propagating hatred and / or discrimination of people on racial, ethnic, sexual or social grounds;
  4. containing links to Internet sites owned by users or third parties;
  5. containing their contact information (phone number, social networking or instant messaging accounts;
  6. violating the rights of third parties;
  7. commenting on the Task Amount;
  8. not concerning the commented Task.

The administration has the right at any time to delete a public announcement, either as appropriate to the Public Offer or as violating the Public Offer.

The User who violates the Public Offer may receive a ‘ban’ on a permanent or temporary basis.

    9. Service’s Trial

In case of disputes between the Customer and the Contractor for the performance of the Tasks, they are resolved by the Administration. Users agree that the Administration has the right, after the consideration of a disputable situation, to carry out any necessary actions, including the fact that the decision of the Administration is final and cannot be appealed.


   10. Special Conditions

The Company does not guarantee that the software of the Services, the Site does not contain errors or will function smoothly.

The Company does not bear any responsibility for decisions taken by the Administration in resolving conflict situations between Users, including verdicts.

The Company shall not be liable for any losses or other harm incurred by the User in connection with the actions of third parties.

The Company reserves the right to remove from its servers any information or materials that, in the Company’s opinion, are unacceptable, undesirable or in violation of this Public Offer.

The company does not control information, services and products located in or offered through the Internet. Therefore, the User accepts the condition that all goods, information and services offered or available through the Service or on the Internet (with the exception of those expressly indicated as being provided directly by the Company) are provided by third parties that are in no way connected with the Company. The user assumes full responsibility and risks for the use of the Services and the Internet. The company does not provide any guarantees for any goods, information and services delivered through the Services or through the Internet in general. The Company will not be liable for any costs or damages that arise directly or indirectly because of such supply of works / services. The User accepts the condition that they assume responsibility for assessing the accuracy, completeness and suitability of all opinions, assessments, services and other information, the quality and functions of the goods provided through the Services or the Internet in general.

The User is notified and agrees that when assigning Tasks, each Task is supplied with the logo (trademark) of the Company, which is due to the functionality of the Service.

The Company, provided it is possible, ensures the placement of Tasks submitted by Users in the media, Internet resources of third parties, books, collections, magazines, and advertising materials of the Company.


11. Coming into force and procedure for changing the Public Offer

The Public Offer and all changes to it come into force from the moment of their publication on the pages of the Site. Changes in the Public Offer can be made at any time. The User and / or the Visitor undertakes to be acquainted with the current version of the Public Offer before each use of the Company’s Resource and / or Services. If the User and / or the Visitor decides not to accept the amended Public Offer, then they must refuse to use the Service.

The User who continues to use the Resource and / or Services of the Company agrees with the changes.


12. Applicable legislation

All relations between the Company and Visitors are subject to regulation only by the laws of Israel. In violation of Israeli law, the Visitor bears full administrative and criminal civil liability.