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Екатерина 14-10-2020, 18:51

Only Hebrew native speaker from Israel read text, simple job from home

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from 14-10-2020 till 16-10-2020
All Israel
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We need ONLY Hebrew native speakers from Israel to read text in Hebrew in our application!!!!! Main task is to read 400 random sentences, takes about 1.5 hours. We don't need professionals. A simple part-time job from home. You only need have an Android or Iphone not older 2017 ( NOT SUITABLE: tablets,, IPhone 5 and 6, Umidzi and very old models of other brands - can not be use , the app does not work on them !).You need a good Internet connection and 1.5 hours in a quiet place for voice recording. Payment after verification and only for all 400 sentences ! Checking time 1-3 days! Write the model and brand of your smartphone to us!
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60 NIS
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