Delivery and transportation
Transportation is a service that isn t likely to be needed every day, but sometimes it turns out to be critical and urgent. Fortunately, office and apartment transfers are rare, but the safety of...

Transportation is a service that isn’t likely to be needed every day, but sometimes it turns out to be critical and urgent.

Fortunately, office and apartment transfers are rare, but the safety of important documents, equipment and just memorable things is very important. Therefore, it is better to entrust transportation of heavy and bulky cargo to those who have the appropriate means of transportation and experience. At the same time, one should not think that it would be possible to save and transport everything in several calls, for example, by your car (or by bicycle). In general, we are not so rich to buy cheap things and to refuse the services of people doing transportation for business.As for the transport of people, everything’s clear here. Getting out of the airport with luggage isn’t quite a pleasure.

Also, relatives and friends cannot always arrive on time and meet, and not all of them have got cars. And one has to know the area. In these cases, it is better to order transfer services from those for whom the transportation of passengers is a common thing.

Courier delivery is among other useful services. And, in fact, an arrived parcel does not always have a small size, and if it still needs to be delivered to a remote area from your residence or work place, then it can be a real problem. It is much better to pay for the services of someone who is ready to deliver the parcel within the specified time and to the right address.Need freight transportation? Or do you want to provide your carrier services?

This way! In this category you can find “meeting place” for customers and service providers. Choose what you exactly need: find or formulate tasks.

09-06-2018, 13:54
Поездка на Мертвое море
10-06-2018, from 12:00 till 16:00
Нужно забрать нас двоих (в идеале в 15.00) и отвезти на Мертвое море в отель. В еще большем идеале на следующий день в 10-11 забрать и отвезти обратно. Стоимость указана в одну сторону за двоих.
Passing car within country
05-04-2018, 18:28
Тремп в Ариэль 06 апреля
07-04-2018, from 01:30
Где-нибудь после часа забрать нас в Рамат-Гане (Жаботински) и отвезти в Ариэль
Passing car within country
08-02-2018, 17:59
Ищу водителя для семьи (русский+иврит) Герцлия
Требуется водитель на длительный период, безаварийный стаж, предпочтение мужчинам от 25 до 50 лет. Автомобиль представительского класса,БМВ, полный день. Знание русского и иврита.
Driver services
05-02-2018, 23:43
Перевозка пенала
Требуется перевезти шкаф-пенал (высота 240, ширина 42) из Гиват Зээв (2 ой этаж частного дома) в Эвен Сапир (карка). Оба пункта являются пригородом Иерусалима. На машине по времени поездка занимает...
Goods traffic within city
23-01-2018, 17:32
Ищу место для хранения пластмассового каяка
Ищу место для хранения каяка (3.5м х 40см х 75см). Можно хранить вне помещения, вертикально, горизонтально.Он довольно плоский. Оплата помесячно. Сумму можем обсудить. Район Петах Тиквы и округи,...
04-01-2018, 10:37
Перевозка вещей в Зихрон-Яакове
Разобрать шкафы, перевезти вещи.
Goods traffic within city